I have designed and produced my own soft sculpted figure patterns, book and magazine, which are available for purchase using Pay Pal or cheque in GBP (Pounds sterling).

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by Madeleine Sara Maddocks

Best Cloth Doll Book for fingered cloth doll hands, this illustrated, comb-bound volume contains lots of fabulous time and tear-saving tips and useful step by step information to enable you to make those fiddly little cloth figure wired hands and toed feet easily and effectively. Pattern templates included. PRICE £15.95 per copy of book 250g plus £3.00 P&P in UK 

Also available as a CD-ROM 36g  £9.00 plus £1.00 P&P Pattern for Pampered Polly figure inside. For more information & customer comments CLICK HERE 

CD-ROM 4 issues of Cloth Figure Quarterly Magazine at £5.00  plus £1 P&P


Textile Teens 19" Grace & Fliss. 
Looks complicated but is very easy beginner cloth doll pattern with basic features, plus elegant top stitched hands, trendy sneakers/ trainers. 

Comprehensive illustrated A4 booklet in CD ROM format 

36g Beginner Level   £8.50

Anemone/ Atargatis Mermaid Pattern TEMPLATES & INSTRUCTIONS
Voluptuous siren of the seas 14" tall wall mermaid. Needle sculpted features & bust, separate wired fingers, beading, stump work, embroidered tail. Full instructions 
Advanced Level  £7.00

This delicate 19" tall fantasy maiden has painted and needle sculpted features, button jointed limbs and wired, fingered hands. She is embellished with lace, ribbons and silk flowers. Intermediate Level  £7.00


Modern Goth with attitude 19" tall with boots and stocking, tattoo, wired fingered hands and sculpted, painted face. 

As seen in CFQ magazine

Advanced  Level £7.00

Ruby Fruiticosa Pattern TEMPLATES & INSTRUCTIONS 
This beautiful hedgerow Nymph is embellished with beaded  blackberries, textile leaves, silk flowers. She has hinged joints, fingers and toes and needle sculpted features 
Advanced Level  £7.00


The whole effect of this cushion doll is to look like a pile of cushions and yet also a complete doll. She can be embellished with beads, fringes and trim. Even her bust is like two cushions with piping cord!

Advanced Level  £7.00

Ben Male Flautist /Flutist designed by Sara Maddocks
This young man was inspired by the wonderful fabrics, though he'd look just as good in plain fabrics. He has needle sculpted and painted features, felted rug wool hair and wired hands.
Intermediate level £7.00

Rosie May Rag Doll
18" tall beautiful rag doll with mitten hands 
and embroidered features
15g Beginner - Intermediate £6.00

18" tall beautiful rag doll with stump limbs
and embroidered features
15g Beginner - Intermediate £6.00

Cinderella Topsy-Turvy cloth doll 
Pattern and templates
16g Beginner - Intermediate £6.00

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