Here are just some of my designs
Princess Lathyrus: The Princess and the Pea

It was important that the 'doll' and 'cushion' should have equal emphasis, so I gave her a bust that looked like two cushions and added gold piping cord.' Cushion doll' for me conjured up images of plump, soft, comforting, relaxing, zoftig (full-bosomed; having a full, shapely figure), flouncy billowing, puffs, folds, layers, sumptuous/opulent soft furnishing fabrics, tassel/ fringes/ piping/ bead/ ribbon embellishment. I also considered the different types and shapes of cushions and colour scheme.
I shaped the bottom of her body like a square cushion, resting on the cushion-bustle for her 'Marie Antonette' style skirt. Her arms were made to resemble combinations of round and bolster-shaped cushions, whilst her legs were made to resemble a combination of pretty, frilly square and bolster boudoir cushions. The whole effect was to look like a pile of cushions and yet look like a complete doll. I made corkscrew curls to create her hair and she is further embellished with beads, fringes and trim. The finishing touch was her rather fun Cavalier style hat made using the selvedge trim from the fabric.

SERENA: It’s the early 1970’s and although she hasn't embraced the 'burn-your-bra' ethic, she is thoroughly enjoying the hippy scene. She has an MG given to her by Daddy for her birthday and she’s now mastering the guitar
She has needle-felted mohair, needle-sculpted and fabric painted features, separate fingers and top-stitched toes with platform sandals.
Her jeans are appliqu├ęd with flowers, hearts and rainbows and she has a CND/Peace badge and a Smiley Badge. 
Earth basking in the sun

A proud mother asked me to make an heirloom rag doll from a drawing done by her daughter (at eleven years old) of an illustration for one of her own stories. The character is chubby and has sweets in the pocket of her cardigan. She wears spectacles, a pleated red skirt and blue shoes.The Verdict: "She is wonderful, Thank you!"


Milliner's Memoirs  Oct 2007 

THE BRIEF: 'My aunt was a Milliner and I have a selection of fabrics and flowers from her shop, which I would like you to incorperate into a fantasy maiden figure'.
DESIGNER'S COMMENTS: Since the stitches/ fabric on a textile figure take a great deal of stress/ pressure from being firmly stuffed, the best fabrics to use are the 100% cottons, silks and batiks with a high thread count (i.e. those that don't split, ladder and fray easily). 
I absolutely adored the copper, black and grey-blue colour palette of the chosen fabrics, however, the fabrics themselves were to prove a challenge, even with the precaution of iron-on interfacing!
I added some additonal ribbons and fabric as well as a Marabou feather for her Fascinator,
(see below) plus beads and embroidery thread for her jewellery. Her hair is made from Perle thread DMC400.
THE VERDICT:  Thank you so much. It was nice  to see my Aunt's fabrics and findings adorning  such a lovely doll. I think in March I shall have to
 find her a partner!

Fascinators are beautiful arrangements of feathers, flowers and jewels mounted either on tiny fascinator bases, rather like hats, but less substantial being only a couple of inches across, with combs attached underneath, or on a 3-inch or 4-inch crystal comb or thin metal Alice Bands in Silver or Gold. Originating in Trinidad, 1956;  the ‘fascinator’ was popular and no woman worth her salt went to a wedding without one covering her entire face.
To FASCINATE  Capable of eliciting intense interest; being very attractive.

These are some of my PARODY creations and do not impy direct correlation with any copyrighted images, characters or entities.  

BRIEF:  ‘Hi, I was wondering if you would consider doing a one-off cloth doll of Kathryn Hepburn, the actress, at any age… I would really appreciate your help, as living in Australia such opportunities are rare, VERY RARE. My sister's 40th is coming up in August and she adores Kathryn Hepburn. Please, please, please help...’  THE VERDICT:  
" My goodness! You have outdone yourself! Kate is brilliant! The face and body and clothing are 
exquisite! I'm just so ecstatically happy with what you have achieved in her face. It is everything 
I wanted and more. BEAUTIFUL work indeed! THE EXPRESSION!!! is so like Kate Hepburn...
My sister loved her doll of "Kate" and keeps her on her bedroom dresser!
Storybook characters

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