About Me

This Blog is an attempt to share my passion for soft sculpted cloth figures and all things textile art and crafts.
My website www.clothdollcreations.co.uk was set up in 2002 to be all things cloth doll related. The site became enormous with all sorts of relevant information, patterns and supplies. 
A decade later, life events persuaded me to transfer to Blogging about cloth figures instead and I have gradually transferred my website to this Blog, as well as adding new knitting and crochet related items.

My workroom is also my office designing and making my textile creations and patterns. 

I am proud to have a selection of my patterns and also my book on sale, here on the shop page and  at the US supplier: www.dollmakersjourney.comamongst a large number of very talented cloth figure designers on their lists and recently also at and at the knitting site Ravelry.

I undertook a teaching certificate in non-vocational adult training where I devised a comprehensive teaching programme to impart my knowledge on the accepted wisdom and tools of the trade/ notions of my Decorative Textile Figure classes in South Devon.

I have written a book on how to make those Fiddly Little Fingers and Tricky Toes easily and I launched my own Cloth Figure Quarterly magazine in 2008, which ran for 4 issues only and is available as a CD ROM . While it was popular and I am pleased to have done it, the venture became too expensive and time consuming for me to sustain all on my own, as I had no production team and was editor, scout, collator, printer, envelope filler, labeller, mailer e.t.c.

In October 2002, I launched an Internet Support Group, formerly clothdollmakersuk, which became Textile Figure Forum, 8 years later, with members from all over the world. It was an important way for cloth doll makers, scattered over the UK, to meet and share information, but which sadly folded when I resigned as forum master (due to illness, bereavement and other personal demands). However, soon individual blogsites and Facebook pages of members quickly popped up, which was lovely.

I have, also, been a freelance writer on the subject of cloth dolls with International doll magazines and designed my own 4 issue magazine Cloth Figure Quarterly.

See also my Textile Art & Design page
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