Thursday, 17 August 2017

Knitted Donations Going to Waste: CHARITY KNITTING

I discovered an alarming fact yesterday, that quality, knitted/ crocheted items (jumpers, toys, etc.) donated to charity shops have to be placed in the textile recycling and cannot be resold, if they do not have the required safety/ care labels.

DONATING TO CHARITY SHOPS UK : Guidelines state: 'If you are not sure whether your clothes can be re-sold – donate them anyway – whatever clothes a charity shop can’t sell they can send off for further re-use or recycling!'

When I make items for charity raffles and sale tables etc. I always try to include the important safety information.

  • Keep your yarn/ ball bands which supply much of the relevant information on care, including washing and drying instructions.
  • Wool also has a British Standard Code: (e.g. Complies with BS984)
  • Toy filling must not be Kapok or old stockings. It must comply with British Safety Standards, so that it is hypoallergenic with flame retardant properties.
  • Any small accessories that could detach and consequently choke or injure a child, including wire armatures, should also be mentioned in a warning on the label; stating what it contains and that the item is, therefore, UNSUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3YRS.

There are plenty of charities that accept knitted and crocheted items:

...but again, make sure to include your safety/ care label.
Or have a woven one made. 

Happy Crafting.

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