Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Cast- on Trials and Tribulations

I always think it's odd when a pattern says cast-on using the thumb method. I think why?

There are apparently 35 ways to cast-on, so why choose the one that seems the least effective way to produce a neat edge? 

It may be looser than other cast-ons, so why not just say cast-on loosely?

I started in the 1970's with the thumb method, which I found gave an untidy, erratic edge.

I progressed to the 2 needle method, which is a neater, but tighter edge.

Then I learned the long tail method. However, how long does the tail need to be?
Then I learned the cast on between the stitches called Cable Cast On method. This one seems one of the neatest. 

The next problem for me was counting the stitches

When there are lots of sts to cast-on, I found I always ended up with a different number, at least once, out of three counts.
Now I have a fool-proof way of counting, that reduces the stress and time taken. 

I cast-on (or chain if I'm crocheting), the first  20 sts and then add a marker, then another 20 sts and add the marker. Each time I double-check the last 20 sts I added, until I have the required number of stitches. Then I only need to count in twenties until I reach the last few stitches. 

How do you cast on?