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I've been designing and making textile figures for many years. I have also recently taken up knitting and crochet again after a lengthy break  and I'm LOVING IT!  Textile Creations UK (http://textilecreationsuk.blogspot.com ) is my new website/ Blog, which includes all my knitted, crocheted, sewn, woven textile creations.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In the round spiral crochet

It took me a while to understand how to know where the crochet spiral round ended and the next row began. So when I made a mistake with my increases/ decreases I wasn't sure where exactly I had gone wrong. It may sound daft, but I kept getting confused and my rounds gradually moved by one or more stitches to the right, as a consequence.

Then I purchased 
   Amigurume by Alison Hoffman 
                 and the light bulb came on and the problems                    disappeared.

She says:
'Insert a stitch marker into the loop on your hook. Each time you come back around to the stitch marker, move it up to the loop on your hook to begin the next round'.

If you have been confused, like me, it means that as you work any increases/decreases; if they don't fit between the positioning this marker and the chain/stitch to the right of it, you must unpick that round and try again. 

The chain/stitch that holds the marker is the first stitch of each round and the chain/stitch to the right of it is the last stitch/chain of the round.

Thank you Alison for your clear, instructions and tips and a wonderful book. I love it!


  1. Although I know how to crochet but for the life of me why I never seem to want to do a project with crochet

    1. It does seem to be a Marmite thing. People either enjoy it or don't,

  2. I struggle with crochet. My mum was left handed and she taught me to do it left handed. But I'm right handed so I get so mixed up...LOL

    1. Hi Mary Ann, Lots of people have told me they struggle with crochet. I wonder if it's because until you can comfortably hold the hook, yarn and working project then it does seem awkward. Once you get the knack it is fun and easy. Then I guess it's not for everyone.


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