Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Friendship Dolls

What a gloriously heart-warming, nurturing feeling to be the recipient of a Friendship Doll on which someone has written a special message. Today cloth dolls created in this way provide some wonderful food for the soul.

Doll swaps and round robins, within doll making circles, sometimes work around this inspiring theme and I know of a patchwork teacher who received such a doll, signed by all the members of a class she had taught.

'True Friends are always together in spirit'
A tribute to my late friend Sue Rogers
a lovely caring, kind person who lived on PEI, Canada and loved bunnies.

World Doll Day is coming up soon!
Established June 14, 1986 by Mildred Seeley; World Doll Day was created to spread the universal message of happiness and love. The day is not owned by any company, club or person and no fees, permission or obligations are required.Many have celebrated the day by giving a doll to someone, such as a child or adult, but freedom of expression and celebration are left up to the individual. In the past, the day has been observed with exhibits, sales, seminars, doll shows and other doll related activities. Many doll makers join in this wonderful celebration and time of sharing!

The logo was created by artist Boots Tyner and represents a child with a German bisque doll as her gift. The logo was designed for free use to promote this special day and may be reproduced.

Have you ever received or given a doll in friendship?