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Thursday, 8 November 2012

PRINTED FABRICS ~ Soft Sculpted Textile Figures

Block; Screen; Digital Print
Soft Sculpted Textile Figures embody the elements of Textile Art and Design. 
With today's technology it is possible to transfer any image onto fabric.

There are some companies that sell printable cloth or you can iron on an A4 piece of sticky backed plastic to a piece of strong, thin cotton material. Use a rotary cutter to cut the material to the size of the paper with nice crisp edges. This will help when you pass it through your printer.

(NOTE: lightweight fabric will just slide off the freezer paper and just end up bunching up inside your printer) . Using masking tape at the bottom edge of the fabric will encourage it to be taken up better by the printer rollers. Sticking freezer paper to the back of your lighter fabric may also allow it be printed on.

With today's technology it is possible to transfer any image onto fabric.
If you own a computer, scanner and colour printer you can give your doll a face from a photo, or perhaps you'd like to transform your soft sculpted figure into a chic fashion icon straight from a Versace catalogue.

Screen Printing

Block Printing

Humans tattoo their skin for decoration.
Why not try your own print designs to create stunning tattoos for your soft sculpted textile figures?
Or an Aboriginal or other ethnic figure covered with body art.

Of course for such projects issues of scale with print size will be important.

Gerilyn ~ One of a Kind Cloth Doll with Tattooed Arms by Angie Naron
Sourpuss tattooed lady
An art doll from Mimi Kirchner
Mimi Kircher Tattoo Lady- Stars And Stripes