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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Textile Figures ~ Art or Simply Craft?

Since Soft Sculpted Textile Figures embody the elements of Textile Art and Design, an entire GCSE and Foundation Degree Course could be designed around them, alone.

However, I had a conversation with a GCSE textile art & design teacher three years ago, who stated that: 

a) cloth figures could not be considered art and 
b) students would not have enough scope within the textile figure medium to develop their own designs, in short cloth dollies were considered too limited. I was utterly astounded! 

SO... I got her to outline her course and what she required her students to make. She said that she'd asked them to make bunnies and had ended up sewing them together pretty much herself. I ask you, where is the design, art and scope for development in that ? The following year she intended to get them to make puppets. No, not sophisticated puppets, but simple glove puppets! I was left utterly speechless. 

I hope this dismissive attitude within TAD courses isn't the case today. 
The teacher in question no longer works in education. She's become a craft shop owner.
Does this attitude leave you lost for words or ready to do battle? 
Check out: Lisa Lichtenfels website and be awed by her creations.
Are you a textile art and design student with a passion for soft sculpted figures? What do you think?

Next post will be Embroidered Textile Figures

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