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I've been designing and making textile figures for many years. I have also recently taken up knitting and crochet again after a lengthy break  and I'm LOVING IT!  Textile Creations UK (http://textilecreationsuk.blogspot.com ) is my new website/ Blog, which includes all my knitted, crocheted, sewn, woven textile creations.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pin Dolls ~ Cloth Figures

Pin Dolls are a style of cloth figure that usually comprise the head or head and upper torso, with brooch pins sewn on the back so that they can be worn as jewellery. These dolls provide excellent practice for painting and creating faces
Sometimes, pin dolls are made as a complete tiny doll no bigger than 6" 
(15 cm)

My Free Hoe Down Pattern is HERE

< I can also provide a free Ascot Ladies Pin Doll Pattern to anyone who emails me.
Just put Ascot Pin in the subject header.