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I've been designing and making textile figures for many years. I have also recently taken up knitting and crochet again after a lengthy break  and I'm LOVING IT!  Textile Creations UK (http://textilecreationsuk.blogspot.com ) is my new website/ Blog, which includes all my knitted, crocheted, sewn, woven textile creations.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fleur Cloth Figure Pattern

In 2007 I was asked by two ladies to make a fantasy doll in pinks/burgundies similar to the ones they already owned. It had to be of delicate build and be embellished in an artistically random way with lace, ribbons, textile yarns, trims, fringes and artificial flowers; with button-jointed limbs.

This doll was to be a birthday present for their special friend. After some discussion about details,
a fabric was chosen and I came up with this fantasy maiden. I also used beads, dyed silks and gave her wired, fingered hands.

THE VERDICT: She's absolutely lovely. We really love her face and hands, especially and knew we could leave those details to someone who knew what they were doing. Thank you!

Her pattern is now available to buy

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